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#4U Gummies, Strategy + Identity

#4U Gummies
Strategy + Identity

#4U Gummies brand is a manufacturer of jellies sold under its sub-brand names: #4her and #4him. Brand target audience is the generation of millennials, people born in the 1980s and 1990s, the citizens of the global village who grew up surrounded by technological innovations and who love modern design and unique, one-of-a-kind and trendy items.

The branding was done within the project, including: naming, brand architecture, brand essence and promise, positioning, identifying the target audience and their insight, the brand character and communication strategy. The scope of works included: corporate identity, marketing and trade-marketing plan as well as profit and loss statement (P&L). Within the brand visualization stage, the following tasks were completed: the brand visual style and color scheme development, logo and packaging design. The slogan “For creative people. #4U” was also created.

  • Project Market Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Target Audience Analysis, Brand Strategy, Brand Architecture, Brand Guide, Naming, Visual Identity, Logo Design, Color Selection, Packaging Design, Brand Launch
  • Client Postgraduate dissertation
  • Sector FMCG
  • Location Poland
  • Authors Ida Beata Dzikowicz, Anita Pyra, Danuta Olczyk, Marcin Posłuszny – research and branding
    Nufo Design – logo design and design works
  • Cooperation Małgorzata Romanowska – logo design and packaging

Market Analysis (examples)

Market Analysis
Market Trends
Competitor Analysis

Positioning (examples)

Brand Strategy – Brand Positioning
Brand Strategy – Brand Name
Brand Strategy – Consumer Insight
Brand Strategy – Brand Positioning Statement
Brand Strategy – Price Point
Brand Strategy – Price Strategy
Brand Implementation – Sales Channels
Brand Implementation – Profit and Loss (P&L) Forecast
Brand Implementation – Marketing Plan

Identity Design

Logo Design
Logo Design
Logo Design
Packaging Design
Packaging Design
Packaging Design