Nufo Design

AVC-Projekt, Marketing Collateral

Marketing Collateral

We did the branding for the AVC-Projekt company, developed its corporate identity and created marketing collateral.

The purpose of brand visualization design was to maintain architectural, minimalistic form. The scope of works included: creating a company name, .com domain name, logo design, business stationery design, business cards and advertising materials, creating Word (letter, offer, fax, protocol), Excel (invoice) and Power Point templates, as well as designing the website with Flash animation, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

Moreover, we were performing online greeting cards during the entire period of the company’s activity.

  • Project Logo Design, Color Selection, Typography, Business Stationery Design, Document Template Development, Presentation Template Development, Web Design, Web Development, Print Collateral Design, Online Design, Flash Animation
  • Client AVC-Projekt
  • Sector Architecture & Visual communication
  • Location Poland
  • Authors Nufo Design (AVC-Projekt), Małgorzata Romanowska
Desk Calendar + Business Cards
Desk Calendar – front, back and bottom
Desk Calendar – inside
Animation Example

Greeting Cards

Greeting Card 1
Greeting Card 2
Greeting Card 3
Greeting Card 4
Greeting Card 5
Greeting Card 6