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Kolaja & Partners, Marketing Collateral

Kolaja & Partners
Marketing Collateral

We created a professional website for Kolaja & Partners, and designed dozens of job advertisements (printed and online), recruitment brochure, invitations, posters, recruitment roll-up and pop-up as well as the concept of corporate roll-ups.

The motif of a tulip used in recruitment designs illustrates rapid development of the Company’s employees. The roll-up concept number 2 presents strength, stability and Company’s support, while cogwheels used in roll-up concept number 3 emphasize Kolaja & Partners management efficiency.

  • Project Advertising Design, Print Collateral Design, DTP, Web Design, Web Development
  • Client Kolaja & Partners Sp. z o.o.
  • Sector Consulting
  • Location Poland
  • Authors Ida Beata Dzikowicz
  • Cooperation Małgorzata Romanowska – roll-up 2 & 3
    Paweł Zakrzewski – web coding
Press Advertisements
Roll-up 1
Roll-up 2
Roll-up 3