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Logo Design

Logo design is a basic element of corporate identity, a service provided by Nufo Design.

Each logo design is preceded by the analysis and branding works related to giving the brand meaning – defining positioning, brand character, target audience as well as the brand essence and promise. Below you can find the examples of logotypes developed by us.

  • Project Competitor Analysis, Brand Analysis, Logo Design, Color Selection
  • Client Various
  • Sector Back Office, Care for the Elderly, Accounting, Sport, Personal brand, FMCG, Investments, Architecture and design, Business services, Market research, Education, Household goods, Private equity investments, Finance, Consulting, Brand communications
  • Location Poland
  • Authors Nufo Design
BO Center Logo
Nestor24 Logo
Wierzchowska & Margul  Logo
OMMAs Logo
Keemco Logo
Ida Beata Dzikowicz Logo
#4U Gummies Logo
Equitin Partners Logo
Logo Design 3
Logo Design 4
Logo Design 5
Logo Design 6
Logo Design 7
Codarch Logo
PowerCom 2 Logo Logo Logo
Inteliace Research Logo
Logo Design 13
Logo Design 14
Logo Design 15
Logo Design 16
Logo Design 17
Logo Design 18
Duo Logo
Novo Logo
Logo Design 22
Resource Partners Logo
Logo Design 24
Logo Design 25
Logo Design 26
Logo Design 27
AVC-Projekt Logo
G-Finance Logo
Logo Design 30
Logo Design 31
Logo Design 32
Logo Design 33
Key Message Logo
Logo Design 35
Logo Design 36