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Polskie Centrum Edukacji, Corporate Design

Polskie Centrum Edukacji
Corporate Design

For the PCE company, we created business cards, a letterhead, and the design of the advertising folder and desktop calendar.

Polskie Centrum Edukacji is a training company, so while designing its corporate collateral the main focus was put on people, their mutual relationships, networking and joint development. While discussing the company’s strategy the following slogan was coined: “With us, you can see everything brighter”. The already existing trademark in the shape of an owl, symbolizing wisdom, became a leitmotif of all works.

  • Project Brand Analysis, Business Stationery Design, Marketing Collateral Design, Iconography, DTP
  • Client Polskie Centrum Edukacji, Anna Osińska
  • Sector Education
  • Location Poland
  • Authors Nufo Design (AVC-Projekt), Małgorzata Romanowska
Business Stationery
Desk Calendar
Desk Calendar